• Apr 2022Harnessing endogenous immune biology to ablate pathogenic senescent cells and treat disease
    Deciduous CEO, Robin Mansukhani, is speaking at the Longevity Leaders World Congress in London this April. Tune in to hear the story of how we’ve identified an endogenous immune mechanism for clearing senescent cells, therapeutically harnessed the immune system to remove senescent cells in a diseased state, and achieved therapeutically relevant endpoints and durable effects.
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  • Nov 2021Eisai Innovation, Inc. and MBC BioLabs Announce Golden Ticket Winner
    Eisai Innovation, Inc. and MBC BioLabs are happy to announce Deciduous Therapeutics as the winner of their 2021 Golden Ticket Competition. Eisai Innovation, Inc.’s inaugural competition provides the winning company’s entrepreneurial scientists and emerging biotechnology start-up with lab space in the MBC BioLabs facility to pursue drug discovery and innovation for the potential future benefit ...
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  • Oct 2021Deciduous Therapeutics Announces Appointments to the Board, SAB, and Advisor Roles
    Deciduous Therapeutics, an early stage immune therapy start-up, announced today the appointment of an independent board member, additional Scientific Advisory Board members, and company advisors. Mr. Robert Forrester joins Deciduous as an Independent Board Member. He will be joining Robin Mansukhani, Deciduous’ Co-founder and CEO, Anil Bhushan, Scientific Founder of Deciduous, and Dylan Morris, Venture Partner at CRV. Mr. Forrester is ...
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  • Oct 2021Bakar Labs Awards Deciduous Therapeutics and Rubik Therapeutics 2021 Golden Tickets
    Companies Can Access Free Lab Space and Facilities for a Year at UC Berkeley’s Flagship Bioscience Incubator BERKELEY, Calif., Oct. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Deciduous Therapeutics and Rubik Therapeutics have won 2021 Golden Tickets, granting the companies access to free lab space and facilities for a year, Bakar Labs announced today. The opportunity will give the ...
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  • Apr 2021How Long Can We Live?
    In 1990, not long after Jean-Marie Robine and Michel Allard began conducting a nationwide study of French centenarians, one of their software programs spat out an error message. An individual in the study was marked as 115 years old, a number outside the program’s range of acceptable age values. They called their collaborators in Arles, ...
  • Nov 2020Send in the Senolytics
    Despite early failures in the clinic, the idea of anti-aging therapies that purge the body of dying cells is gaining traction with a raft of startups now focused on senescence. Unity Biotechnology was one of the darlings of the nascent anti-aging biotech sector. With big-name investors, such as Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel, an impressive lineup ...